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“Thank you for all of the help and insight that you gave me at the Awakenings Festival in Columbia last month. I still have trouble thinking of myself as a Master Healer, but I’m trying! Due to your guidance I found out about Moldavite, which is amazing! Working with this crystal has really helped me connect with my guides. They told me so many things about why I had to go through so much trauma early in my life…. So much about the incredible things that have happened in my life are now all making sense. I see God’s hand in all of it now. So many things are happening that will help me leave my current job soon and start my new life as a healer. It’s truly amazing! It’s so wonderful talking with someone that understands all that I’m experiencing right now. Thank you, and I hope we can talk again soon!”

J. Rider

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“It was so wonderful to meet Mandy today. I’m still blown away by Mandy’s presence and all of the words of Love, Light, and Encouragement I received me today. I will do my best to remember all that you told me to practice. I truly felt a connection with her and felt that she understood so much that I could not or did not know how to verbalize… Thank you again for sharing Spirit with me today and your beautiful self! I feel blessed that we crossed paths today. Many blessings to you and yours! Sincere thanks”

LB Grey

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“Mandy out of the blue stopped me at a festival, and I was so skeptical as to whom this lady was. However the message I received in that moment shifted my life forward. I was stuck in a grieving pattern and could not see the love that God. the Angels and my heavenly host which was surrounding me in every minute of every day of my life. I am truly thankful because she was strong enough to step out and say what needed to be said. I am forever grateful Mandy”

Holly S.

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