Pushing to the Finish Line

God, Angels, and Spirit are always with you. In life we are constantly pushing ourselves to race to the finish line to the goal we are trying to achieve. Here are some tips on how to move through life: Slow down, trust in God, enjoy the journey- the journey is what will open the door


Connect with God, Angels, and Spirit every day. The Divine is able to do far more than you ever imagine. If you come with positive expectations, than know there is no limits.  There is nothing that limits God.  By stepping into the Divine, God, Spirit letting go of control in your mind, opening it to

Inspiration Starts Here- Miracles

Inspiration from Kyle ‘Gray Keepers of the Light Oracle Holy Spirit is always active and acting on your behalf with communication, surrounding you with light and love.  Expect Miracles! Remember that only Love is real.  Miracles will occur naturally. A real turn-around is possible, now.  Angels are dancing around you with joy, happiness, love and

Chicken or The Egg?

They always say that you have to start somewhere in life, it either started out as the chicken or the egg. For us it was the egg. Our names are Mandy and Chelsea, we are co-owners/founders/CEO’s/Truck Driver/innovators of a small business named Entwined With Light, LLC.  We have started this blog to document our lives