Welcome to Entwined With Light! We are so thankful that you have found us! Please take a look around contact us if you have any questions. We are located in South Charlotte, NC.  We are proud produce everything locally. Our names are Mandy and Chelsea, we are co-owners/founders/CEO’s/Truck Driver/innovators of Entwined With Light, LLC. We provide products that help bring love and light into others lives.

Mission: Promote spirituality, intuition, and creativity, intertwined in love and light, through the use of our products.

Everything we sell, we have envisioned, designed, produced – so we are happy to call it our own. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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Here is our story:

The story behind Entwined With Light is a story of the process of evolution,  personal growth, tenacity, and communicating with love and lack of judgment. Since everyone has their own truths, we decided to share each of our versions of our story together. 

Mandy:  Five years ago I felt the urge to draw pictures and color my drawings with markers.  This was therapeutic and a way to release stress. I was shocked that I had about twenty drawings with bright colors. All of this happened with the urging and repeated thoughts, a Divine spark to explore the idea of creativity with art, which is not my first choice of modality. I was encouraged and supported by my family with praise and encouragement. No one knew I was dreaming that maybe I could design cards and write sayings in the card to sell to the public or work with Hallmark one day. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter Chelsea was having a Divine push in another way.

Chelsea: I had a push from God to go into business with my mother. Back then I really was not interested in being an entrepreneur, but her art was so good and I could clearly see a path forward. See that is my gift, that in the chaos of development, I can see the end goal. However here we are five years later and we are not even producing the original product line anymore. 

Mandy: I was overwhelmed, flattered, and excited when Chelsea wanted to go into business together. This is where I started negative self chatter and old belief patterns of am I good enough, do I deserve this, you can’ do this, fear.  We both have intuitive gifts of connection with God/Angels/Universe/Spirit and we knew we wanted to

include the God/Divine Spark that had urged us forward in our company name. After playing with words and our intention, Entwined With Light, LLC was established. We invested in ourselves, our dreams, gifts, and goals. Just like that, we started our journey of personal growth, tenacity and clear communication with a lack of judgment. 

Chelsea: Mandy (mom) and myself (Chelsea) started Entwined With Light, LLC because we believed in our artwork. Mandy drew these intricate beautiful pictures and I have these beautiful photographs I have taken over the years. So we decided to go into the greeting card business. The first task at hand was to develop the cards.Printing greeting cards for some reason is not easy business… or at least not easy to us. There was A LOT of trial and error. 

Mandy:  Our first event was CRAZY.  After spending months and months with all the details and money needed to make our quality product, we went to our first.  The cost for the festival was huge compared to other cost of festivals. Being a small busines with only yourselves as investors, we always took into consideration the COST.  When we woke to a rainy day, deep down I was hoping we were just going to take a loss, call it a day, and NOT go out in the rain. However, being fully invested in ourselves and the company off we go in the torrential pouring rain. We did not leave until the water was literally covering our feet and rising towards our ankles. 

Chelsea: Once we got our product produce we took it to our first festival. It was a memorable festival because we paid around $150 for an outdoor space. To big business people $150 is a drop in a very large bucket but to us starting out it was a huge leap of faith. The day arrived and it started to rain, but the festival was non-refundable… so I was determined that we were going to do it. We loaded up the car and went down to the recreational field.  In the torrential pouring rain, we set up our amateur tent and proudly posted our display, which no one came into see. We stuck it out until noon and the pool of water covering our feet and the sight of no relief from the rain…we called it quits. I tell you what though, although the day was not a financial “success” I was incredibly proud of us. And that is how we got started. 

Chelsea:Fast forward 3 years of festivals and practicing confidence in building our skills. 

I was awakened around 2am in the morning and it was Spirit. Spirit said get out of bed and write these words down- I told Spirit it was crazy and I was going back to sleep. However if you know God, when she tells you to move YOU Move! I got out of bed and wrote down over 100 words. I asked what was next and God told me to go back to bed. The next morning I told Mandy about what had happened. Then we prayed, meditated, and connected intuitively to receive directions of our next step with these random 100 words. It took us over a year of developing and scratching… to co-create with God the messages needed for each card.

Mandy: Now we have a box and 39 cards with words and inspirational messages on each card.  We bought 500 cards of each individual word card. Each box consists of 39 cards which are hand sorted and assembled. On a long table, we would take one card and place on each stack until we had 39 and then place them in a box. To say the least, this was labor-intensive. We have made a thousand boxes this way. Once the cards were created,  we stopped selling greeting cards and sold boxes. 

Chelsea: There it was completed, our Be All Inspiring words deck. It is our intention that these cards provide peace, love, light, guidance in your everyday life and to help you build a closer relationship with the Creator. BE ALL cards supports, sends encouragement, and helps guide your life on words that will lift you up and strengthen your life. Spending time with these cards is like a shot of joy, love, and light in your life. BE ALL cards are a way to practice your intuition, with gentle love and support. Your life, regardless of what you believe, enriches the lives of others and is needed in this world. 

We have been on the market for over a year now and we are steadily growing. In this world that is filled with so much negativity, we need more people focused on the positives and seeing that they are so needed in this world. We hope that this card deck would be the difference for someone. If it made a difference in one person’s life, to turn their mindset from darkness to light, to help battle that depression or bullying or self-doubt, then it has all been worth it. 

We thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us. We are blessed beyond measure to even have this chance to share our story.