Pushing to the Finish Line

God, Angels, and Spirit are always with you. In life we are constantly pushing ourselves to race to the finish line to the goal we are trying to achieve. Here are some tips on how to move through life:

  • Slow down, trust in God, enjoy the journey- the journey is what will open the door for the rest of the stages of your life.
  • Ask for help in times of change- you don’t have to know all the answers, just need to know where to find them
  • Celebrate all that you do and all the milestones you have accomplished. Every small step is success! Small successes build for a large victory
  • Be Open. Love with your whole heart. Trust in God, Divine.
  • Trust that all is well in quiet times. God. Angels, and Spirit always have your back- meaning to relinquish control of all things.
  • Relinquish control of your life- Your job is to love responsively. Your job is to stay connected to Divine.  Live, respond, and rejoice with Love and light.  Be ever thankful.

Let God, Angels, and Spirit prepare you for each new day. Let the day unfold with ultimate trust. When you try to control you get caught up in your mind, ego, worldly values, morals, and ideas. You have the free will to respond, react, and control your life. You want to plan and map out your life instead of inviting God, Angels, and Spirit to interact in your life.  Invite, spend quality time with God, Angels and Spirit, having faith that you do not need to see the map. Stand knowing that God will equip your journey.

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