Connect with God, Angels, and Spirit every day. The Divine is able to do far more than you ever imagine. If you come with positive expectations, than know there is no limits.  There is nothing that limits God.  By stepping into the Divine, God, Spirit letting go of control in your mind, opening it to love, beauty, and positive thoughts and desires; you will not become so discouraged because of ego and world circumstances.  See time as your trainer, teaching you, protecting you, and growing you towards your dreams and life purpose.  Trust God during the dark times watch, wait and have faith.  Call out for protection from your own negative thoughts and limited beliefs during this time.  Keep hope and desires alive. Instead of letting situations, circumstances and difficulties draw you to worry, try to view them as scene for total intervention and restoration from God, Angels and Spirit to show off.  Keep your mind and eyes wide open to possibilities of healing, renewal, and abundance coming from this situation.  Let God breathe into your hurts, pains, and unfulfilled desires with great love, understanding, and faith.


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