Inspiration Starts Here- Miracles

Inspiration from Kyle ‘Gray Keepers of the Light Oracle

Holy Spirit is always active and acting on your behalf with communication, surrounding you with light and love.  Expect Miracles! Remember that only Love is real.  Miracles will occur naturally. A real turn-around is possible, now.  Angels are dancing around you with joy, happiness, love and delight.  God delights in your desires and want to breathe life and purpose into your dreams and desires.  Leave behind thoughts, memories, and feelings that are no longer serving you and remember the Love that you are.  Move out of your head and into your heart which will allow that love to shine in the world and your life.  Expect miracles.  Shift is now.  Affirmation from Louise Hayes: “I cross all bridges with joy and with ease.  The old unfolds into wonderful new experiences.  My life gets better all the time.”

What Miracles are you asking for now?



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