Chicken or The Egg?

They always say that you have to start somewhere in life, it either started out as the chicken or the egg. For us it was the egg. Our names are Mandy and Chelsea, we are co-owners/founders/CEO’s/Truck Driver/innovators of a small business named Entwined With Light, LLC.  We have started this blog to document our lives journey’s with Entwined With Light, LLC and hopefully give loving guidance to those that will follow in their own foot steps.

Now to get to the serious purpose of this blog- The Chicken or the EGG?? We like to think that the egg came first when we started our business. It was not a decision that we took lightly.

Mandy is artistically gifted, drawing through meditation and channeling.

 While Chelsea  has the photographers eye to capture the right moment just at the right time.

We had our work available but need more than just a gift in order to sell our products and put them into the world to share joy and love to one another. First steps towards becoming a business was to TEST, TEST,TEST! If you can’t produce the product you want in the highest quality available to meet your expectations than why even go into business at all.

The first thing that we tested was our brand name and our logo. We have always loved the phrase love and light, because we believe that God’s light is present in everyone. Then started the play on words, it took us about two weeks of sending text messages/phone calls/in person meetings, just to develop our name. Love wrapped in Light, Intertwined With Light, Light Leading the Way…. and BOOM just like that Entwined With Light was developed. It resonated with us, provided us with a feeling of joy and excitement every time we thought, read, spoke, wrote the name.

Each time we interacted with the name, God gave us visions of what our business could be if we continue to put the work in. It took us two weeks of meditation, intentional prayer and then sat in stillness to hear the loving guidance of our Angels and God.

Have you been given the nudge, thoughts or signs that it is time to start your own business? Do not let fear hold you back!

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